25 Facts About Heather Jane Tanner

The purists page then … here we go

25 Things
    1. I love Sherlock and Futurama.
    2. More than a couple of people believe that Stan Laurel was somehow related to me.
    3. My favoured writers win Nebula awards.
    4. I entered the casting call for the part of Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter.
    5. I love history – mainly Victorian, Edwardian and Georgian periods.
    6. I see dead people sometimes and I know other people do too but keep it shush.
    7. My Grandmother was a travelling, romany gypsy.
    8. Fortean Times is my favoured magazine – serious interest AND laughs.
    9. I have a fax from Helmut Newton on my office wall.
    10. I play guitar – my favourite guitarists are Marissa Paternoster (Screaming Females) and Jonny Greenwood (Radiohead).
    11. In my time I’ve been a music journalist, band manager, art dealer, shop manager, book seller … blah!
    12. I might sound like a bit of a daydreaming freak but I am totally devoted to my work and helping people live well. I question every practise I come across until I find an approach I can genuinely and authentically utilise.
    13. I’ve been studying co-creation for a long time and practising it in my daily life for the past five years. Some amazing bounty has come my way – and also some harsh consequences. Hence the “co” in “co-creation” – the trick is to never fear the consequences 🙂
    14. I like girls and boys – not just boys and not just girls. I don’t tell many people but I am sure it’s not a huge shock to those figuring it out.
    15. I have a crush on Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day.
    16. I’ve got two amazing kids. One is a teen the other a toddler and I am allergic to both. I love them though they are the centre of my world.
    17. Motherhood has been part of my co-created world ever since I was 24. I’ll be writing more about that here on the website.
    18. Although I live in the City I prefer the Country so my current compromise is a leafy Victorian grove in central Newcastle UK.
    19. I grew up in The Lake District so that is probably why.
    20. Since being young I have always learnt computer code and was one of those Spectrum kids who sat for hours until a highly pixellated table tennis game appeared.
    21. WordPress is my forte. I love it. I am building my other business from it at www.digitalanthology.co.uk where I do geeky stuff like installing content management systems.
    22. I did the Duke of Edinburgh Award.
    23. Although not at all religious I grew up in a C of E environment.
    24. I was called to abandon my PhD in 2006 and have deferred twice since.
    25. I was homeless for eleven weeks in 2014.