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Booking An Intuitive Reading

To make it easier for you to book a reading with me I want you to know what to expect in advance and to trust that you will receive what you are looking for. One of the best ways you can see what I do and how I communicate is for you to read my blog posts – the reason why I have personal postings. I am very real and have been through some very real life experience.

Everything from the content to the technical back end of this website is run by me which is why you can sometimes find typos and when I do spot these I don’t usually change them as perfection is a big procrastinator. I just go with it! The important thing is that you as the reader and potential client can get a sense of who I am and who may be reading for you.

I have read on and off for people for the last fifteen years. In between working for others and raising children. Now that I am focusing on it through this website fantastic events are taking place as a result and I am loving reading for the people who come to me ready to receive one.

But I also get cancelled orders and queries before orders and sometimes I can sense that these people are not quite ready to invest in themselves in this way and prefer maybe to spend the money on physical objects for self healing or tangible books. Or maybe just do a turnaround and spend it on whatever addiction they have 🙂 It happens!

When people are ready for a reading they will usually already know the true value of investing money in themselves intuitively. Anyone stuck in a poverty mindset will not order readings because their intention over money is set and I am not out to change that for them!

I buy readings for myself from readers I respect maybe once a year. I respect them because I read their work which is made freely available, like mine. The last reading I bought was $250 and set me straight on a couple of things that were really eating away at me. Thus I learned some coping techniques through the most difficult year of my life when actually the point of my living was in question, (totally shitty year but one I am eternally grateful for). I do read for myself too but having someone else do it is so more enriching.

The clients I have read my blog and my story and perhaps testimonials from other clients and then put their money energy forward. I am most grateful for your trust and being able to read for you if you do decide to order from myself (as I say please email me with any questions beforehand) 🙂

P.S. This isn’t me pictured of course. That is me over there on the right hand side in the circle with the alien eyes 🙂

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