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March 2017 Free Monthly Reading for Your Sign

March 2017 Free Monthly Reading for Your Sign


Things could suddenly go head over heels this month when unexpected changes of direction, events or seeming disasters loom. What you can see might look like a tornado of bad luck but behind the scenes that which has become stagnant or too comfortable has led you down the wrong road. Now despite the signs and warnings you are being pushed into taking the right actions and the Universe is having its say. The way you had things? That was not working. You must put this back together differently now.


We are looking at exhaustion or energy burnout. Do you feel kinda fried? Try making like a rechargeable Duracell. The year has been tough on you and lots of deep thought / dealing with others at the same time has left you in need of serious tlc. You may also consider how to channel your energy in better ways – less destructive and for the benefit of others.


2017 has been a spiritual journey of self discovery – very inward looking. March calls for you to branch out and seek co operation from your fellow human. Teamwork will get the job done. Seek a community with similar aspirations to your own and you can make great progress.


Slight chance of burnout from last month and the kind of energy healing you may be in need of this month will apply to work mainly and your physical health. Take some breaks, clear your mind, replenish stores of your own before you head back into the line of fire. Power up!


Lots of strong energy this month for you guys but whatever it is you are working towards is either obscured or delayed. More hurdles and obstacles are likely and will test your resolve but they are all part of the learning process. Keep the faith in yourself and your true goals.


Your attitudes and behaviours may be holding you back from progress in the areas of transformation of the deepest kind. The results you seek are only forthcoming from the changes that must take place within yourself and this month calls you to get on board with this as quickly as possible.


It’s wise to consider everything extra carefully and consult good common sense before embarking on any further plans right now. Take this month to mull over well garnered advice from trusted and high sources only.


A muddled or confused time is literally on the cards with a sign indicating that your emotional needs are not being met and that you are “thirsting” for something. It is time to drink my friend but first lets get clear and grounded and know what it is we are ordering from the bar.


Keep in mind your connections and social network of family and friends. Consider how everyone is connected and how anyone can be affected by changes or sudden moves you might try making. Re connections with people you already know are likely this month.


Deep changes of the psyche require deep thought and seeing as you are within that bracket right now you might be anxious or more prone to accidents or persuasion from others. Keep centered, grounded and aware of your surroundings.


Are you becoming unreliable or dare I say it a little untrustworthy? Or is it someone close to you that seems self absorbed and deceitful? All of these things are indicated in your life this month and all are unsuitable. Try to work against these traits.


Attention is called to your trade, craft or vocation. The making of things and the mastering of whatever it is that you do all day and call work. Getting better at “your thing” is now a matter of urgency may you wish to draw more success, money and clients.

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