Welcome to what I like to call personal development for the world weary – a blueprint for those steeped in loss or doubt.

Loss occurs when someone dies and we call the process grieving. But loss also crops up when relationships break down and situations change beyond our control and I work with combinations of all of these types of loss in order to assist my clients to carry on with their own lives too. Doubt often arrives hand in hand with loss and grieving.

My way is by no means a religious approach and it certainly isnt a bootcamp. My emphasis is on living again – not just surviving – and I offer free essays here on the website, materials and books in the store and one to one personal sessions.

“Everything is connected” – Dirk Gently

My process is based in intuitive personal development – I believe in co-creation within our reality to manifest our truths. Except I hate the word “manifest” and regularly grasp at alternatives.

There are no set guidelines to loss – the grieving process is your own! Just as there is no deadline to it, no point at which you will not be affected by it. BUT. There are ways in which you can master your own life following on from what you have lost – ways that are successful and require no religion, no doctrine, no gospel. Except for a faith in your own abundance which is at the essence of where I come in.

I remain what I think is the most accurate  description, an asker of questions and seeker of truths.

Oh and I am also a HUGE fan of using popular culture and media references to prove a point.

Are you in?


Let’s begin!