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Intuitive Weekend Reading 11th & 12th March 2017

Intuitive Weekend Reading 11th & 12th March 2017

[dropcaps]I[/dropcaps]nspiration, ideas and insight into how to solve problems are brought into play this weekend. If you have been struggling with finding the perfect solution to a problem or stumbling over your next big idea then come the 11th and 12th strain no more. Allow random ideas and thoughts to float. Write down these randoms. Keep noting down whatever may be recurring in your thoughts over this two day period of perfect light bulb moments. Clarity is a hard one to find if like myself you are privy to lots of ideas and lots of interests, (also lots of Clairaudient input!) This can all merge in your brain like some kind of airport lounge for monkey mind chatter. And too many voices / ideas / concepts can lead to inertia and further problems. Stagnation and delays! Musicians are often Clairaudient as they can “hear” what they want to play long in advance of it. But they also have tools to get them in the free floating idea zone – ever tried to engage a guitarist in a conversation whilst they are playing? (I am a guitarist and I’ve been married to and have lived with plenty of guitarists so I know this from both angles) Get into the space where you personally receive your most creative insights. For some it is the bath or driving or out in the woods or by the sea. Wherever or whatever you need. Follow any recurring thoughts, patterns, calls to action this weekend and make a start as soon as you can. The light bulb has gone on and yes you can do this!

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