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Intuitive Weekend Reading 4th & 5th February 2017

Intuitive Weekend Reading 4th & 5th February 2017

[dropcaps]T[/dropcaps]ime for some fun and to splash out on a couple of things or experiences you may have previously been viewing as “luxury items”. Following on from January when we are all typically a little spent it is good to tighten budgets and often necessary to reign in on the extras. But this coming weekend it would be a tragedy to waste the abundant chance to grab whatever it is that you were telling yourself you couldn’t have yet (or at all). Try it! As long as you will not be heading into debt to obtain it then why not treat yourself and whoever else might be involved to a little splurge? My current “I don’t need that yet” is a helicopter ride over Lake Windermere the next time I am home with my family. I can live without it but I really want to experience that and share that with people I am related to. I also want a sewing machine 🙂

If you want to join in the community and get a free reading for the week as well, (plus some discounts on readings and first looks), then why not sign up to my mailing list?

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