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Intuitive Weekend Reading 7th & 8th January 2017

Weekend Reading 7th & 8th January 2017

[dropcaps]B[/dropcaps]y the time this weekend appears triumphantly at the end of a rather subdued start to the new year things should be looking up for most of us and we will start to feel like 2017  has actually begun. There was a limbo period of lethargy and anti climax leading us into this year which carried over from the end of the last. But here, now this Saturday and Sunday there is a REAL feeling of reaching the start line. And a real feeling of winning at life. Even if this start line poses extra hurdles for you it’s important not to flinch or back out. We survived 2016 and the losses that occurred in the last two weeks of the year (see Christmas & New Year Reading 2016 / 2017) have been processed and are now in the past. Anything that should be left behind us WILL BE by the weekend. So don’t sweat it if your “new year new you” hasn’t showed up as yet. It will!

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