Nostalgia Can Kill

nostalgiacankillbyhjtannerSo … Friday thoughts. Fridays get me nostalgic and nostalgia can kill.

We just passed the eight month mark in our “year of firsts” bereavement travels. I had to count that up on my fingers I am so addled by paperwork and forms and banks and sums of money and stock….etc not to mention children and high school and nursery … and then out of school lives and classes and a flare up of my Ulcerative Colitis … AND CHAOS. This is why you are seeing so many photos of blue sky and beaches on my IG feed. With any chance I get I run like hell to the ocean.

As much as it has been a product of Mercury Retrograde this website makeover has been a much welcome distraction in itself – the newsletter will follow suite next week. Thanks to all who are currently receiving emails from me its a blessing to get them to you and really fun to write. It keeps me grounded to read the replies and suggestions.

It’s a busy new term but the loose ends are coming together and starting to point in new directions. I hope you can feel that renewed energy amid the recent “groundwork” stage we have all been working under is slowly starting to fade away. There are eclipses happening soon – time to project forward into Autumn.

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