My husband and I used to watch The Walking Dead religously whenever we had an evening to ourselves. I can’t say either of us had a thing for horror – we had a shared love of a good story and he was a fan of the comics. When you follow the fortean like I do, its usually enough to put the horror genre in its place. Heightened imagery of real events or heightened imagery of tall tales based on real events.Either way, The Walking Dead is addictive viewing. One night we questioned each other in the inevitable way – what would YOU do in a Zombie invasion scenario?

My answer was that I would fight like crazy – with anything to hand, have no problem killing zombies with anything to hand and just try to stay alive as long as possible helping any non zombie I came across, (hopefully using my hands if I still had them).

My husband said he would just lay down and get eaten straight away. What would be the point in prolonging it if the likelihood was becoming dinner anyway?

Live or die. It’s a choice we all got.

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