Tanner Estate Sale Now Online Newcastle 2016

vintage-music-business-shop-largeOur estate has been listed online and bidding has already started. This is something that I am keeping away from as much as possible in an involvement sense apart from promoting the sale. I never thought it would come to this, the selling of the assets, but we have been held back too long by legal requirements and now I must give the grave back to the landlord and clear the space.

The decision to liquidate did not come easily to me. I considered options and feelings of staff and family and in the end everyone pretty much felt as I did – that this business was entirely Luke Tanner and that without him how could it BE? My own talents do not lie in retail and our new lives can’t contain the sadness that exists in a business where Luke no longer breathes.  The business does not trade, it does not live. My husband’s entire identity or so he believed – ended in January along with our old lives. I refuse to exist within the echo of a great man – I would rather honour everything that he created that was great and good – plus, (and this is the reality), material things are just that. Luke is in our hearts and our futures as much as he ever was. All I can hear are the words “make it happen” and so I am.

The auction is open now with the following details and if you are able to view and collect auction lots in the North East of England then please take a look. It is Howl/Thrifty beatnik stock and Small Change stock – HipCat stock sales will come at a later date through the same agent.

Open now at http://www.js-bidonline.co.uk/saleindex_extended.php?A23=0500&S56=on071016&L78=a678w34t

Viewing at 12 Chillingham Road Ind Estate Heaton Newcastle and 109 Heaton Park Road Newcastle on Thursday 6th October 2016 9am til 4pm.

Bidding ends noon on Friday 7th October 2016.

Collection is 10th October 2016 from both premises listed above.

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