The Final Step in A Lost Loved One’s Estate

If your loved one dies without a will and also happens to be the only Director and Shareholder of their LTD company this poses a long legal wait with many steps to take for next of kin. However I am glad to announce that the time is NOW for our estate – please see the below announcement and share this post with as many interested parties as you can. Further details to follow ♥

HOWL (Thrifty Beatnik Vintage Gentleman’s Clothing LTD) Small Change : The Newcastle Vintage Shop & Hip Cat – UPDATE – Following on from today’s viewing the agent is confirmed and all stock will be available at online auction most likely but not confirmed RACK BY RACK basis. Collection from local premises only. For further info contact Martin Cassidy at James Sutherland Auctioneers 0191 276 3443 and for upcoming auctions visit ……. To all clients, friends, associates of my late husband Luke Tanner please share this estate sale info with as many people as you can. If we do end up selling rack by rack this enables the public to buy as well as trade and wholesale. An excellent opportunity to own some A, B & C grade vintage clothing, antiques and furniture. In memory of all the hard work Luke put into this over the last ten years I would be grateful for this notice to be passed along. Following sale the company passes into voluntary liquidation.

Thank you – updates will follow

Ms Heather Jane Tanner
Thrifty Beatnik Vintage Clothing LTD

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