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The Intuitive Beginning

HeatherJaneTannerTheIntuitiveBeginningPart1I am writing this post to explain further about my intuitive beginning in childhood. It’s a journey I am still on and will be for the rest of my life. This is the first in a series of three posts about my personal intuitive journey – start here, read this then end here

My Childhood…

During childhood I grew up in an old Victorian Schoolhouse in a hamlet in the middle of the Lake District UK.  It’s a tiny place and in the 70s / 80s the only real social networking people did in our community was linked to either the School or the Church and the School was Church of England so basically we were brought up within a small rural Christian environment. This had some effect on me throughout my life but I consider myself unattached to any organised religion – I feel there is something to be learned from all religions and your ability to connect is yours to access wherever, whenever, whatever and whoever you are 🙂

As a child I was withdrawn with a wild imagination. I gave my parents many nights of trauma as an ardent sleepwalker. They would find me wrestling with front door locks at 3am. My mantra was a simple one – if it was not raining I was outside in the elements. If it rained I was inside – reading, writing or programming computers. Not a lot has changed for me!

During her pregnancy with me my mother reported a visitation dream from a nun who told her an important child was coming and that she had to drink plenty of water – I’ve written more about this here including the readings I’ve had from others all of which without fail have mentioned the nun and the important child thing. My ego loves to hear it 🙂 and will maybe make interesting reading for those who have experienced spooky synch from different readers too.

Our house held a lot of history. It had been the home of many School Governors as was the original purpose of a Schoolhouse. It had also been my mother’s home for a long time and she had seen the death of family members in that house and as a child had witnessed the “laying out of the dead” in our living room. Lots of people had lived there – generations of linked family. By day it was charming with original marble fireplaces in every room, stone flag floors, no central heating or double glazing. By night it was enveloped by pitch black – the kind of deep “country dark” that transpires from lack of street lamps. Perhaps not suprisingly things were prone to going bump in the night.

We experienced plenty of harmless events – no one told us to “get out” – but there was often the sound of someone washing up when no one was in the kitchen, footsteps upstairs, toilets flushing by themselves, visitors being tapped on the shoulders and my reports of having played with children that no one else could see. My sister once woke up to see a figure of an old Governor standing at her bedroom window looking out at the garden – visible only from the knees up – plus there were faces staring at us sometimes at night. Still though, nothing that we actually questioned too much. Perhaps it was the deep-rooted sense of past family members or even just a need to get on and live with it and not pay too much attention.

My main intuitive senses were activated at this time through my dreams. I did not really know it but I was slightly aware of dreaming something that would happen the next day on many occasions. Sometimes I would “daydream” this, an image of some event would suddenly take place in my mind whilst I was doing other things. Sometimes I would take note of what it was, other times I would just forget it as soon as I started another physical task. Such is the life and mind of a young kid. What I had always experienced and always been aware of was the ability to hear a constant stream of dialogue and dictation from one or several sources in my mind. On rare occasions I could hear external speakers. All of this I put down to a wild imagination which is how I was dubbed pretty much and therefore seen by others for some time. Eventually it is how I saw myself and presented myself as such to the world.

It wasn’t until I reached college that my physical life started to get more interesting than my inner world and soon my teens became more about others and what they were doing than what I was doing and where I was headed. When studying for my MA in Creative Writing years later I found dialogue and tone of voice to be my biggest writing strength.

It took a fairly eye opening experience and the onset of my first pregnancy to realise there may be more to intuitive living than I had ever given credit. To read on click here!

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3 thoughts on “The Intuitive Beginning

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