But are they what you think?

At times when we are lost our maps appear to have been drawn by an evil pirate to whom we owe a  spiraling debt and we are only just realising the joke is on us. The way seems rocky, treacherous and full of ingenious traps. Eventually we get to a point where we realise we need mechanisms to survive – we need to get savvy.

Over the past 20 months there are three main tools I’ve discovered that have enabled me to live my life in a way that not only makes sense but also allows me to be of service AND I find fun. The first practical tool is a certain kind of meditation, the second is a certain way of expressing gratitude and the third is the art of invitation which is what this post is about.

Focus, Intend, Ask & Wait!

Whenever we think about the life we have lost or feel the lack of BLISS in our lives we can go two ways. We can forever mourn it as lost to us or we can actively go out and seek it. You are correct in thinking that action is better than no action where finding your joy is concerned BUT active by force is not active by invitation and it is important to understand the difference between the two.

Active by force is constantly seeking energy. We are completely under it’s spell at times of desperation, (like say job hunting or trying for a baby or that terrible time planning weddings), it is all about the end goal and the result which we KNOW will make us happier. So we set our intentions and we plan and start putting our ideas into action. It is an act that often feels like “pushing”, “fighting”, “struggling” or in other words – a battle. It is using force to get what we want. You may have heard the phrase “shy bairns get nowt” especially if you are from the city where I live. But in reality there is a much more pleasant way to achieve things which does not require force and that is the art of invitation.

It sounds like something you’ve heard before that might work if you could be bothered to look it up or learn which you can’t because it probably won’t work anyway right?

I’ve been there and I hear you. The difference is that once you try a little “inviting” yourself your life is not about pressure. Pressure is not put forth by you and therefore any pressures on you will lessen. If you focus, intend, ask and wait you can achive nothing short of tiny miracles without needing to become say, BRIDEZILLA in the process.

And if what you want needs a few little nudges here and there don’t be tempted to use coercion. Often when we have done those four steps of focus, intend, ask and wait all we need to do is wait!

Note: Learning to wait is a WHOLE DIFFERENT STORY and for those who have difficulty with this click here!


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