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What Is An Intuitive?

There are too many uses of this word “intuitive” and it can herald the start of many a long and pointless debate. I know of some fabulous people using the word”intuitive” to describe themselves and I myself have been referred to as this by many good readers and peers. Thank you! Thank you for seeing and knowing, hearing and sensing 🙂 So what is an intuitive? Who are they?

I can only really explain where I am coming from and who I look up to in this. After my husband died I was suddenly flung into a need – a need to listen up again to my intuitive side. It was not the first call it was the second. The first had been successful thrown out with the bathwater by my good self, (read these!). 

Intuitive to me means using sixth sense tools along with common sense and applying them to everyday reality as we perceive it in order to make better decisions and live wealthier, healthier, happier lives. It means learning to be still, to discern the ego voice and the intuitive voice and to separate them. It entails learning to raise vibrations high enough to meet higher level intuition and know how to recognise the source of information – therefore what to follow or believe. And to dismiss any lower level negative energies or sources.

To some this is where we lose people. Yes. Energies, sources, egos, intuition. Boo hockey?

To think you have no ego and no intuition is dangerous but then that is why there are so many dangerous people. Ego makes most of their decisions in life. Over use attracts low energies so there can be dangerous physical things around as well as emotional. Any ugly emotion or physical danger can be bred and extended towards the atmosphere where anything vibrating on a similar level will draw closer. Intuition can be made stronger like a muscle so that it can pick up on all the levels of vibration and make a distinction between each.

I don’t see myself as new age or weird. I am a 38 year old mother of two – been through some hard life experience but damn has it cleared the lower energies away from my life! I used to be surrounded by people who listened but did nothing – promised to give but took away. Stayed silent and allowed abuse to happen. And I did not listen to intuition or sense. I went with my original calculated risks. The result?

I am not sorry!

I took my own risks because they were my free will choices to make. They were the right lessons for me to learn. They were hard and they still are but now I am not held back by the circumstances of choices others took. I have learnt those lessons but I was also given guidance on what would happen if I did. I ignored it and learnt what I had to. The process cleared people, situations and even part of my psyche away that I feel so much lighter and clearer without.

Intuition does not pave the only right way for you as there is no “one” correct way. There are multitudes of paths and possibilities. Intuition can help to focus on exactly what you DO want to experience and nudge you forward.

So how can you start on this today?

  • Raise your vibration – read up on ways to do this that work for you. A little every day I think is better than in bursts.
  • Always go with the first “thought” or “impression”.
  • Always write. Keep a book with all the questions you are asking and the guidance you are given.
  • Try not to let that ego monkey mind take over. It most certainly will and when it does don’t beat yourself up over it. This is something that takes a while to do well (I am only a beginner at connecting myself and often miss sessions because I would rather watch TV or cry or eat sugar instead – terrible but true!)

My view of working with intuition is that it is modern and clean. Free of clutter. Use tools if you wish, (I use Tarot sometimes), but remember there is no magic held within the tool. I love shiny things – I have several crystals but I am not cluttered by them. I had a witch phase as a teenage goth but nearly burnt the house down. I’ve learnt to not be a witch or burn more than one candle at once. When I work with intuition I approach it more like the work of psychology or counselling rather than astrology or psychical. I like to keep it real and modern and try to write in the way I would speak. So remember – modern, clean, no weird, straight down the line. Not woo woo or crazy. Intuition is your own life planner 🙂

A note to remember: I am not associated with any religion nor will ever be. Religion often creeps into these things and the following may have their own religions – I respect all faith but I don’t share the religious views. However the following people have some really interesting thoughts and experiences with intuition – most of which untainted by religious belief – if you want to read further look up…

Erin Pavlina, Amanda Linette Meder and Anna Sayce.

Happy investigating X

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