Last year I focused my attention purely on intuitive services and free readings for everyone. This year after a good break, a house move and quite an amount of transitioning in my own personal sphere of mourning I have come to a place where I am ready to write again, share and connect – but this time with a specific audience in mind.

I am not just talking to fellow mourners, widows or those who have been bereaved by physical death – I am also addressing those who have lost, those who feel like they are losing and those who find themselves tired of life. It does not matter how you have come to be “weary” only that you know full well what it means.

I have been busy writing – and devising – new essays and tools for use within this site. If you can come away from here with new insight or new found enthusiasm for carrying on and living a full life then one of the main purposes of my work has been fulfilled. I know what weary is. I beat weary every hour of everyday and I hope you can too.

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* I’ve seen some pretty grim memes whilst on the subject of death and loss and I know I am only scratching the surface with mine. I hope you will find them as they are intended – a lighthearted focus to each post – rather than WTF were they even thinking when they made that thing? Mine are TAME the others out there not always. If you think I over stepped the mark please email me 🙂

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